Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Seminar

A simple and effective tool for preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest in our children


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PACED Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Powerpoint Seminar v2


Here is an example of an on-line training tool that organizations can use to educate teachers, coaches and anyone that works with young people about the warning signs of inherited heart rhythm disorders and how to respond when those warning signs are observed.  This half hour audio seminar will provide adult learners with the tools they need to identify children presenting with risk factors for sudden cardiac arrest and perhaps prevent a tragic loss of life.

The seminar also outlines a Five Point Strategy that any school board or minor sport organization can easily implement. By being sensitive and responsive to the warning signs we can protect the lives of children with heart rhythm disorders and also their similarly affected first degree relatives. Once children are diagnosed and being treated there is very low risk of cardiac arrest and most children with a diagnosis live long, productive and otherwise healthy lives.

This seminar also includes a brief discussion of legislative and regulatory initiatives from across North America and a look at some recent liability issues relating to heart arrhythmia diseases.

We encourage you to take a few minutes and complete this on-line training session, it may be the most important half hour of a child’s life.


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