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Queen's Park by Paul BicaSupport the Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorder Awareness Act

PACED is committed to building communities that recognize and respond to the warning signs of paediatric heart arrhythmias. To that end the focus at PACED through the end of 2014 and into 2015 will be shepherding the new version of the Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorder Awareness Act through the legislative process at Queen’s Park. Legislation is the only effective way to achieve universal awareness of simple prevention strategies and broad compliance on policy implementation. PACED is asking all of our friends to pledge your support for this important lifesaving initiative.

PACED would like to thank all of the MPP’s and their staff that have supported the re-introduction of the bill, most notably:

If you would like to let Ontario MPP’s know that you support the proposed legislation please sign the legislation guestbook. If you have a personal story or connection that you would like to share (no identifiers needed) there is space provided. PACED will in turn share all of your stories with the MPP’s at Queen’s Park.

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More information on the Legislative Initiative

Of the 700 young Canadians that die each year from Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorders about half experience fainting spells in the weeks, months or years prior to their death. The aim of the proposed act is to create filters that will ensure that the majority of these children get tested and diagnosed before they experience cardiac arrest. As most heart rhythm diseases are genetic these filters will also help to identify and protect many first degree relatives. Once diagnosed there are a number of simple and effective therapies – beta blockers and other drugs, implantable pacemakers and cardioverters, ablation surgery, lifestyle modification –  that will allow these young people to live full and productive lives.

The five key elements of the 2014 version of the Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorder Awareness Act are:

  • Mandatory annual Heart Rhythm Disorder Awareness Training for all School Board Employees and Minor Sport Coaches, Trainers and Officials
    • A 20 – 30 minute online course which includes testing
  • Mandatory 911 Call for all loss-of-consciousness faints that occur
    • On school property during or shortly after physical activity
    • During or shortly after participation in a minor sport game or practice
  • Mandatory physician clearance for return to play after a fainting episode that required 911
  • Requirement of School Boards and Minor Sport Organizations to inform parents of all fainting episodes (even those that do not occur during physical activity) and provide parents with information on the significance of fainting as a possible warning sign of heart arrhythmia and information on other arrhythmia warning signs.
  • Requirement of Parents, Physicians and Principals to develop an individual plan for every student diagnosed with a heart rhythm disorder.
    • Requirement of each School Board to place an AED at every school attended by a student diagnosed with a heart rhythm disorder.

Current Proposed Wording

This pdf file is the current wording that is being proposed for the new bill. The sections in red represent proposed additions or changes to the original 2012 version, Bill 81.

  IHRD Act Edits from PACED et al Oct 2104

The link below is to the pages on the website of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario that relate to the original Bill 81. Click through to the Debates section and read some of the stories shared by MPP’s during the Second Reading of the Bill on May 17, 2012


Promoting Legislation in other Provinces

PACED is pleased that our friends and associates in British Columbia are starting down the legislation road. Over the coming weeks they will be meeting with MLA’s from across the province to gather political support for awareness legislation.

If you would like to get something happening in your province or community and would like to discuss strategies or enlist the support of PACED please contact us directly at info@paced.ca

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    I think this is a great initiative and I would like to help.