PACED Mission, Vision, Values and Goals


Medical Team Working On Patient In Emergency RoomMission

To create universal top of mind awareness and appropriate systemic response to the Warning Signs of Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorders in Canadian communities.


PACED envisions a day when Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorders (IHRD’s) are no longer a leading medical cause of paediatric mortality in Canada, the number of young people dying each year is significantly reduced and the majority of at-risk individuals are identified and receiving effective therapy or better still a cure for their disease.


To advocate, with passion and integrity on behalf of all Canadians affected by IHRD’s. To respect the voice of all stakeholders. To generate and disperse revenues ethically and wisely in pursuit of our stated goals.


  • To raise awareness of Inherited Heart Rhythm Disorders amongst all Canadians in particular those that interact with young people. Emphasis will be placed on teaching the Warning Signs of underlying heart arrhythmia and the appropriate response when a young person presents with those Warning Signs.
  • To work with the community of specialists – paediatric electrophysiologists and cardiologists – to insure that all healthcare providers, especially primary care physicians are provided with the most current knowledge on IHRD’s.
  • To work with Provincial and Municipal Governments, School Boards and Minor Sport Organizations, advocating for legislation and policies that will mandate greater community awareness and appropriate response to the Warning Signs of IHRD’s.
  • To support the development and implementation of screening programs that are known to be effective at identifying at-risk individuals and families.
  • To encourage and support research that will improve understanding and treatment of IHRD’s.
  • To promote electrophysiology as a career path for medical students.
  • To encourage and support post-secondary education for young people living with an IHRD.

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